Large London Plane tree reduction (March 2016)


This large London plane tree had a growth defect and significant amounts of dead wood throughout the canopy due to inonotus hispidus fungus growing on it. The tree was very out of shape with many crossing branches from  not being reduces for several years. It took a lot of time to rebalance the tree but  the client and us were very happy with the outcome.




Before picture.





Silver Birch reductions

The tenants in the flats weren’t getting much light into their properties and the Silver Birch trees needed to be reduced. We did a 25% reduction and a 15% thinning of the 3 Silver Birch trees, maintaining the shape, making them aesthetically pleasing for everyone to see. The residents were happy with the work and the light coming in to their properties,

birch trees before picture Stag Lane
birch trees completed

Storm Damage

A very large oak tree on an estate in Surrey had one of it’s branches break off in a storm due to the weight at the end of the branches from not being reduced for some time. We removed the remaining branch and reduced the 2 other overlong horizontal branches to make the tree safe while keeping a natural shape and pruning back to natural growth points for the health of the tree.

climbing vertically up oak tree

Crown reduction

The standard reduction of a London plane tree in a block of flats which had outgrown it’s location for a property services agency.

At the start
At the start
Nearly finished
Tree near completion

Tree and stump removal

This large cypress tree was growing too close to the house and over the years cracks were developing in the foundations of the house. The tree needed to be felled by sectional take down. There wasn’t a side access and all the green waste and logs needed to be taken through the house. We take great care in ensuring no damage occurs to your property and we are insured up to £10,000000 for your peace of mind. The job, with grinding out of the remaining tree stump, took two days to complete.