Tree Services

Tree Removal and stump grinding

This is the complete removal of the tree, including the grinding out of the stump with a stump grinder. Our tree surgeons use special rigging techniques with ropes to ensure no damage is done to properties or gardens, as well as being insured up to 5 million for your peace of mind. This is of paramount importance. The stumps are ground out to about 30cm below ground level.

Tree Planting

We do try and advise people to maintain trees instead of removing them but sometimes trees need to be removed as they are diseased, have outgrown their location or at times it is necessary for insurance purposes. Councils often require that a new tree is planted in place of the removed tree. We are very happy to provide all your planting requirements.

Crown reductions 

this is the reduction of both the trees height and spread while maintaining the trees natural shape. Crown reductions can be necessary to prevent limb shedding and to limit water uptake and root expansion. This is our speciality and pride ourselves on our work.

Crown lifting

This is the removal of lower branches in the canopy which may be causing an obstruction to pedestrians, vehicles or to allow more light in to the garden.

Crown thinning

This is the removal of selective internal branches throughout the canopy of the tree to allow more light to come through. The trees natural shape is maintained. This is very effective for getting more light in to the garden.


This is where the tree is maintained at a certain height. This is also done in order to limit the expansion of the roots of trees growing close to buildings. It also makes the trees much more manageable and safe.
Hedge trimming This is the reduction of the height and width of all hedges no matter the size.

Please look in the gallery for examples of these services.

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